Quem Via Buffy Entende

Rest in Peace

I died
So many years ago
But you can make me feel
Like it isn’t so
And why you come to be with me
I think I finally know

You’re scared
Ashamed of what you feel
And you can’t tell the ones you love
You know they couldn’t deal
Whisper in a dead man’s ear
It doesn’t make it real
That’s great

But I don’t wanna play
‘Cause being with you touches me
More than I can say
And since I

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  • Babi

    Eu vejo e entendo!


  • Era a música que o Spike cantava em "Buffy, o musical". Era a minha favorita. Achei todas as outras música marromeno.

  • Não entendi.

  • Rodrigo

    acabei de olhar este episódio, adoro séries que não se leva a sério assim